About Us

Woodworking Specialist in California

Profile of Moen Woodworks

Moen Woodworks Inc., originally founded in 1978 by Rick Moen.  Later Mark Bates joined the company.  Nestled in the Southern California coastal community of San Clemente.  Moen Woodworks originally focused on the residential market but shifted to a solely corporate commercial market as demand grew.

As the business continues to grow, the scope of projects increased as well as the size of our facility.  Having top-of-the-line sophisticated equipment and the excellent craftsmanship of the staff, Moen Woodworks offers award winning custom manufactured millwork/casework.  From custom reception desks, ceiling features, display cabinets, to standard plastic laminate cabinetry.

Moen Woodworks has continued to build a clientele of satisfied and loyal customers and a reputation for excellence in the work we deliver.

Our Team & Experience

Moen Woodworks Inc., is a company that takes pride in sustaining employee service. We have a cumulative total of 100 years of service amongst our management team. Many of our shop employees have been with us for over 15 years.


State-of-the-art Technology

Moen Woodworks Inc., has state-of-the-art sophisticated machinery, operated by a very knowledgeable, skilled, experienced staff, which allows us to offer the fine craftsmanship in our finished product. Here at Moen Woodworks, our tradesmen pay strict attention to detail and will accept nothing less than excellence on the work they produce.

Mission Statement:

To provide quality millwork for innovative projects designed for a sustainable future, that are beyond the customers imagination.

Moen Woodworks Incorporated